• It will act in a way to give importance to neutrality and confidentiality in its conformity assessment services.
  • Conducting the conformity assessment services in the best way will provide all necessary resources to ensure the continuous satisfaction of our customers and keep the complaints to a minimum,
  • Customer applications that apply to the conformity assessment services shall not, in any way, accelerate or slow down the application, make confidential or direct discriminatory practices, and ensure that conformity assessment services are accessible to all applicants,
  • Access to conformity assessment services; shall not depend on the customer's scale or membership of any unity or group or the number of services provided and shall not make excessive demands on financial or other aspects,
  • In the event that there is any situation that may lead to a conflict of interest, no service shall be provided to these customer organizations during the receipt of the conformity assessment applications.
  • In carrying out its activities, it shall ensure that its employees are free from all kinds of political, commercial and financial pressures.

All personnel participating in conformity assessment activities shall take their decisions without being under the influence of any individual or institution.

In conformity assessment activities, IFC GLOBAL has an objective approach to the parties and has identified the necessary measures for the situations that could lead to a conflict of interest, and approaches for eliminating or reducing the hazards.

IFC GLOBAL has undergone professional liability insurance against any loss or risk to third parties within the scope of conformity assessment activities.


  • Products with conformity assessment; design, implementation, operation or maintenance,
  • We will not offer or provide consultancy services to our customers,
  • We will not offer or recommend to customers the management system consultancy or internal audit service.