– The compliance assessment will act in such a way as to give importance to impartiality and confidentiality in the evaluation services,

– The best way of conducting conformity assessment services will provide all the necessary resources to ensure that our customers are always satisfied and that their complaints are kept to a minimum,

– Customer organizations applying for conformity assessment services will in no way be confidential or direct discriminatory practices by accelerating or slowing implementation in any way and will ensure that conformity assessment services are accessible to all applicants,

– access to conformity assessment services; the size of the client or membership of any union or group, or the number of services rendered, and will not be subject to excessive requests for financial or other reasons,

– During the receipt of applications for conformity assessment, these customer organizations will not be serviced in the event of any conflicts of interest,

– Ensure that employees are away from all political, commercial and financial pressures while conducting their activities.

All personnel involved in conformity assessment activities will take their decisions without being under the influence of any person or institution.

IFC GLOBAL provides an objective approach to the parties in conformity assessment activities and has set out the necessary precautions for situations that may cause conflict of interest and approaches to remove or reduce the threats.

IFC GLOBAL has obtained professional liability insurance against damage or risks that may occur against third parties in the scope of conformity assessment activities.


– the products for which conformity assessment has been carried out; design, implement, operate, or maintain,

– Whether or not to offer consulting services to customers,

– Do not offer or provide management system consultancy or internal audit services or in-house training to customers.




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