1. What is FAMI-QS?

FAMI-QS is Quality and Feed Safety Management System for Specialty Feed Ingredients.

FAMI-QS Code is designed for global validity; therefore, participants of FAMI-QS may be anywhere around the World. The standard is currently in use in more than 47 countries.

The FAMI-QS Code has the same high-level structure as the well-known ISO management system standards. The FAMI-QS Code has been adopted by the non-profit organization FAMI-QS Asbl.

You can find more information here: https://www.fami-qs.org/home.html

  1. Which companies have been certified according totheFAMI-QS standard?

FAMI-QS Asbl provides a database consisting of all feed producers/traders with a valid certificate.

The list is regularly updated: https://fami-qs.org/certified-companies-6-0.html

  1. Where can I find the FAMI-QS Code of Practice and FAMI-QS Standard Requirements?

The requirements of the standard are described in the FAMI-QS Code of Practice with relevant process documents: https://fami-qs.org/code-6-0.html

In addition, FAMI-QS has established instructions for the farms. These instructions can be found in the “Rules for Operators” document. https://www.fami-qs.org/code-6-0.html

4.What is the purpose of the FAMI-QS standard?

FAMI-QS has the following goals:

  1. Reducing hygiene risks for animal feed
  1. Improving the quality of feed used
  1. Requiring compliance with legal requirements in the field of feed safety
  1. Minimizing potential risks

5.Who should work with the FAMI-QS Standard?

The rules are intended for all of the producers and traders of specialty feed ingredients. 

  1. What are specialty feed ingredients?


FAMI-QS StandardındaYemveyahayvan/hayvanürünlerininözelliklerinivehayvanlarınperformansınıetkileyenbirbesindeğerinesahipolsunya da olmasınnormaldeyemolaraktüketilmeyenkasıtlıolarakeklenenherhangibirbileşenolaraktanımlanmaktadır.

They are defined in the FAMI-QS Standard as “Any intentionally added ingredient not normally consumed as feed by itself, whether or not it has nutritional value, which affects the characteristics of feed or animal products and animal performance”

Benefits of FAMI-QS Certification to the organization

The main purpose of FAMI-QS is to reduce animal feed hygiene risks and improve the quality of feed used in the field. Developed with the experiences of stakeholders from the feed industry, the standard is based on repeated processes, hazards and risk analyses in the industry.

  • Increases the product safety and quality in your company
  • Supports the organization to ensure compliance with legal requirements
  • Increases customers' trust in your management system
  • Internationally accepted standard according to the standardized procedure
  • Early error detection enables appropriate corrective action to be taken
  • Provides cost savings through improved risk management
  • Ensures that the organization stands out and makes a difference, provides a competitive advantage.
  • Systematic management of GMP requirements (Prerequisite programmes) is one of its core items.
  • Provides dynamic communication on food safety issues with suppliers, customers and other interested parties.
  • Reduces the need and cost of end product testing

FAMI-QS certificate

How to become FAMI-QS certified

You need to go through the following steps to become FAMI-QS certified for your functional feed ingredients and special complementary feeds 

  • Contact IFC GLOBAL to conduct the audit.
  • Download the documents “FAMI-QS Code of Practice” and “Rules for Operators” from the FAMI-QS website free of charge
  • Evaluate your own products through an internal audit FAMI-QS Checklist
  • Define your products and apply to FAMI-QS https://fami-qs.org/apply-6.html
  • After your application has been evaluated by FAMI-QS, you will receive a letter of approval with the receipt of the annual membership fee in case of approval.
  • After you submit your letter to IFC GLOBAL, the audit is going to be planned.
  • IFC GLOBAL audits your company for:
  • Evaluation of the Feed Safety and Quality Management System
  • Verifying the implementation of FSMS.
  • A report is established including the result of the audit, whether the company meets all of the FAMI-QS requirements and possible follow-up actions.
  • FAMI-QS reviews and verifies the audit.

FAMI-QS sertifikası, yeniden sertifikalandırma denetiminden sonra yenilenebilir üç yıl geçerlidir.

The FAMI-QS certificate is valid for three years and is renewed annually after the recertification audit.

To ensure a compliant certification process, FAMI-QS works with qualified certification bodies such as IFC GLOBAL. FAMI-QS and IFC GLOBAL organize regular training courses.